Esoteric healing is a spiritual science of healing that works through and around us. 


    Each of the seven major chakras in the energy field vitalises its related endocrine gland(s), organs and systems of the body. 


    This energy field has been known about by the various  schools of ‘ancient wisdom’ for many years, but it is only comparatively recently that modern science has realised its existence and significance.  The field is known by many names, such as etheric body; vital body; bio plasmic body; bio energy field and ‘L’ (life) field.  However it’s name is recognised by many as being the pattern or blue print upon which the physical body is moulded and energised and, as such, can be  the causal area of disease.  


    It is possible to map and measure this field  with Esoteric Healing and assist in rebalancing its energies, and so help to restore good health.

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